The Afri-Lift Missionary Society was established by Robin & Margaret Aim together with Jolanda Kuiphoff-Odiyo and an amazing group of Kenyans.
Over the 31 years since  the Aims came, churches, childrens ministries, child sponsorship programs and vocational training centres have been established and assisted. Afri-Lift is now a multi-cultural team made up of international volunteers and local employees.

The Situation

Over 60% of Kenya is aged under 25 with 24% of the entire population living in cities. Since Independence in 1963 Kenya has seen incredible changes. There is a pull between gaining a place on the world market with keeping traditional values.
In January 2003, education was declared to be free to all Kenyans, this has resulted in a million children per year entering school. While in theory it is free there are still fees, tuition, uniforms and books to pay for. Resources are limited but class sizes aren't. It is not uncommon for a teacher to have 100 students in their class.
Due to a lack of available funds for school fees many students have to drop out and look for work to bring in extra income for their family. With 50% unemployment, those who are unschooled and unskilled are fast tracked to a life of poverty and homelessness. They are left to fend for themselves, often forced into gangs, streetwork or stealing. Without a social welfare system and few ways to earn money it leaves many desperate.
This is where Afri-Lift steps in. We don't bring in programs, we bring in hope. We give young people an opportunity to escape from poverty through education, training and lifestyle changes.

Where We Are Heading

Over the next 5 years Afri-Lift would like to see the following achieved:
- Staff accommodation
- A training centre
- Establishment of a fish farm
- A youth centre in the Kibera Slum
- A Christian boarding school