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Osiligi Training Centre

For young men living in a slum there are few options - school, work, gangs or living on the street. However, if you don't have money for school fees, you can't attend. Unemployment is above 50% with many living on a mere $2 per day. The alternative for teenage boys is to join a gang that steals for survival and sleep wherever you can. For our trainees this rural training centre, a 45 minute drive from Nairobi is the program that comes before they are killed by mob justice or imprisonment. These are young men who have not finished their education, are not employed and have previously attended our street program in Nairobi.
Osiligi is an onsite educational facility for former streetboys. The day includes a 6am wakeup for exercise, breakfast and then school (onsite) in the morning. Afternoons are a combination of hands on learning about agriculture, landscaping, horticulture, business farming, mechanics and extra tuition. Osiligi has a strong sports program both on the weekends and in the early evening. Our staff include teachers, pastors and counsellors. Short term volunteers assist in various areas. There is dedicated time for both group and individual counselling. On Sunday's students and teachers are involved in a local church.
At the end of the 2 year program, students are given either a work placement or full-time employment in a farming situation. These positions are selected to specifically suit both the student and future employer. At times, students may have trained in a particular area e.g. greenhouses, piggery, dairy and will therefore be placed in suitable employment for these areas.