Touch A Family

Our work is with some of the most vulnerable people of Nairobi there are times when families just can't cope with their situation. There is no food for the children and with ovr 50% of unemployment the hope of finding permanent work is fading.
Afri-Lift is stepping in with emergency food parcels. With referrals from our social workers and the Kenya Assemblies of God at Olympic (Kibera) we target families in great need. A $20 food parcel usually feeds a family for up to 3 weeks. In the parcel you will find sugar, flour, oil, soap, salt and the necessities for families to cope. It's not the final solution but it keeps them going for another day.
We simply don't drop food off and leave. Our team spends time with the family, finding out more about them, the health of the children, whether they are in school and if they attend a local church. We pray for them and give them a word of encouragement. Our aim is to give them hope, they type of hope we have found in Jesus.

Training of Teachers

This is a ministry that Margaret Aim specifically heads up across East Africa. With her two co-workers, Mariam and Edith, they train childrens workers from a Biblical world view.
Margaret has always had a heart for children to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a specific system where teachers become trainers of other teachers. This is a practical, long term course that equips the local church to reach and disciple children. Gone are the days where children should be seen and not heard. Instead churches are seeing that if we don't reach this generation with the Gospel then it will be much harder to bring them back when they are in their teens.
Margaret, Mariam and Edith travel across various countries training teams of teachers. Within the next 10 years they have the capacity to reach 1 million children with the Gospel.